The Learning Management System (LMS)

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LMS help for staff

Staff helpdesk
Phone: (+61 8) 6488 8190

LMS help for students


The University of Western Australia's Learning Management System uses Blackboard ( software.

The LMS is a fully integrated web-based teaching and learning environment which supports the online delivery and administration of resources, communication, collaboration and assessment.

The LMS:

  • provides an online platform designed to support staff and students in teaching and learning activities
  • is available anywhere, anytime
  • is integrated with a number of UWA systems like Pheme, Callista, and Lecture Capture System (LCS).

Getting Started


The LMS is a secure, password protected environment available to all current UWA staff, students and visitors.

To login to the LMS, users require an activated Pheme account.

Staff are encouraged to attend Carpe Diem Workshops to learn how to design their LMS unit as part of a blended learning approach.

LMS support and training


Centre for Education Futures supports UWA staff in the use of the LMS in the following ways:

LMS Enhancement

To ensure that the LMS continues to meet the strategic requirements of the institution, as well as the teaching and learning requirements of faculties, schools, teaching staff and students, Centre for Education Futures is committed to continually enhancing the functionality of the LMS through:

  • yearly system upgrades, and the
  • implementation of improvements and bug fixes.

Centre for Education Futures is responsible for the ongoing management of the LMS, this includes the identification and actioning of any future system developments/improvements.

Staff are encouraged to contact Center for Education Futures (please use our IT Service Desk email, and make suggestions regarding system enhancements.