Short feedback questionnaires for evaluating teaching

Before you begin teaching your classes, you might consider asking your students to list three to five attributes a good teacher has.

This approach is useful to understand your audience and is beneficial when used early in the unit.

Learner perceptions of a good teacher

A variation of that first approach to is to pick out a few items in the SPOT questionnaire and ask the students their perception of the importance of these characteristics of teaching and learning (see example below).

This approach is only one example of a short questionnaire that can be used in the classroom.

Seven questions and a scale of importance

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Brief feedback questionnaire

Ask students to complete a brief quantitative questionnaire consisting of a handful of questions with an area to include to comments.

This type of feedback should be carried out between four and six weeks into the unit. This type of feedback is designed to provide information on whether the teaching is moving in the right direction and incorporating changes before a final evaluation is administered at the end of the unit.

An example of a brief feedback tool on teaching is illustrated below. This questionnaire asks students to provide feedback on nine elements of class teaching and can be either administered as a paper-based questionnaire or as web-based survey.

Nine questions with seven answering options

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