Activating learning in large classes

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2 hours



Seminar Room 1, Love House, 28 Broadway (Corner of Cooper Street)

"Active Learning" is a principle which aims to involve students in the learning process, so that students are not simply passive (and inattentive) recipients of knowledge.

Workshop purpose

Intended Audience
Many teaching staff are sometimes daunted by the concept of teaching to a large audience (lecture/seminar/lab) as effectively as possible. The workshop aims to explain how lecturers can still maintain a lecture mode (if required) but to consider how learners are engaged. Simple and tried tasks will be discussed and explored around how to engage students in the content delivery for increased attention, engagement and retention of learning.

Workshop Description
The workshop will introduce you to the theory behind Active Learning, model a range of Active Learning strategies, and give you some practical tips and techniques to help you develop appropriate Active Learning activities for your lectures. The workshop focus is on face-to-face teaching and will touch on the use of technologies as Active Learning tools. For staff seeking eLearning active learning strategies, please see CATL website for the full list of eLearning workshops.


Intended Outcomes

By the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Examined and discussed how applying a range of active learning tasks with large groups can increase student engagement, retention and attention (exploration of theory and practical examples).
  • Engaged in multiple active learning examples & have considered how these may be applied in own courses.
Key Activities
  • Group, paired, whole-group discussion and active learning.

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